We have been providing audience measurement tools for over 10 years on both set-top box (STB) profiling software and data consoles. The Inview Client provides a variety of mechanisms for both recording and returning user data that is suitable for fully connected products, products with a limited return path and unconnected products which can use manual data collection. As well as working with the operator to provide a product that collects the data they need, we can also embed this capability into a standard product along with dormant connectivity, e.g. GSM modem, to allow their standard product to be re-purposed for audience measurement.

Our STB client collects information on all aspects of user activity:

  • VIEWING DATA – This is critical to any successful TV operation, but traditionally obtaining quality data has been difficult and expensive. We can provide low cost embedded connectivity to standard product to enable cost effective monitoring. Incorporating our middleware and connected to our service cloud can automatically return complete (not sampled) viewing data for all connected devices. Combined with a historical database of TV listings (EPG) and TV advertising play-out schedules, the system can build a complete record of user viewing activity and TV advertising impressions.
  • ON SCREEN ADVERTISING RESPONSE DATA – A user interface built on Inview middleware can display on screen banner adverts and associated click through full screen pages. Obtaining data on views delivered (impressions) and responses (click throughs) can significantly increase the value of any advertising.
  • USER INTERFACE (UI) USAGE DATA – Data retrieved on UI usage levels allow the operator to ensure their product delivers the highest customer satisfaction level. By monitoring the frequency of visits to UI screens and the period of access it becomes possible to understand how users interact with the STB.
  • REPORTING AND ANALYTICS – Raw response is returned to the Cloud Servers and stored in a database. Any required reports for the above data categories can be generated by Inview or the customer’s own analysts.
AudienceMeasurement v2


  • Monetise current user base
  • Track STB UI advertising campaigns to increase the value of advertising
  • Improve User Interface based on how the viewer interacts with the STB
  • Easy to capture data and report via a web based console
  • Proven business model with over 10 years of experience in the field