The Electronic Programme Guide (EPG) is the traditional entry point for programme selection and for planning viewing or recording. Our EPGs are designed to promote and encourage use of revenue generating services, in addition to promoting the best available content to the viewer.

We have huge experience in designing and delivering EPG services used on millions of set-top boxes globally. We have an extensive range of Intellectual Property in EPG design and do not pay royalties or licenses to third party companies.


Our broadcast EPGs integrate programme promotion, channel brand reinforcement, search functionality and sticky channels that allow operators to promote premium channels. Our EPG contains multiple promotional areas for banner advertisements and content promotions.  All content and promotions can be displayed in multiple languages.

Broadcast EPG v2


Our IP connected EPGs seamlessly integrate broadcast and IP content with personalised programme recommendations by highlighting programmes within the EPG grid that meet the viewer’s interests.

Navigation within the EPG can also be utilised to track viewer interests and to inform our recommender of a viewer’s interest in future programming ahead of any viewing activity. This data is collected and sent back to our servers and to operators for analysis of viewing habits.



  • An end to end EPG service over broadcast or IP
  • Designed to promote revenue generating services with banner adverts and content promotion
  • No requirement to pay royalties or licenses to third parties
  • Content can be displayed in multiple languages
  • Delivered EPG services to millions of set-top boxes globally