For connected set-top boxes, the Inview client can support a full VOD service, integrated into the main TV viewing experience. A VOD service is the primary revenue generating source on connected platforms, enabling the operator to monetise existing content and deploy new forms of premium content. Our IP VOD service is a more sophisticated offering than our broadcast push VOD solution.  It includes support for recommendations based on users viewing behaviour, a much larger catalogue of content and the ability to present and search for different genres.

One or more dedicated VOD apps can be deployed allowing users access to both Subscription VOD (SVOD) and Transactional (pay per view or TVOD) services.


The solution also includes a full featured Content Management System (CMS), enabling the operator to manage their own VOD content if required.  The CMS supports ingestion of video content, meta-data editing, transcoding, encryption, scheduling, promotion and deployment to a CDN for distribution to the clients.  The CMS also allows the operator to create content promotions for premium content.


  • Viewers can directly steam videos from hundreds of titles
  • Targeted content based on users viewing behaviour
  • Opportunity to promote and monetise content throughout UI
  • Increases ARPU and reduces churn
  • VOD content available across all user devices